Tropical Fish for a Peaceful Aquarium

Looking to add a peaceful aquarium to your home? It is important that you choose community fish that live well together. Here are a few tropical fish you may want to add.

Peaceful Community Fish:

Neon Tetra - This beautiful fish is bright in color, and loves to travel in schools.  If you have a large aquarium, consider keeping several in your tank. 

Otocincles Catfish - This is the calmest of the catfish species.  Since they are not active swimmers, they are suitable for smaller aquarium setups.  They're an algae eater -- so they'll help keep your tank clean, too!

Shrimp - Cherry shrimp, crystal red shrimp, rili shrimp and Amano shrimp are all peaceful community fish. They help keep your tank clean by eating leftover foods.  They get along with all other peaceful aquarium species.  

Guppies - Male guppies are loved for their long, colorful fins. They are livebearers that often give birth if kept with females. They get along with most other community fish.

Platies - The platy is another common, livebearing fish. This tropical fish is available in a number of colors. Just remember, if you want to avoid fry, keep only male fish!

If you have any questions about what types of tropical fish will get along in your community tank, visit our Mineola store! We stock several different tropical fish species, and can help you pick the right fish for your tank.

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