5 Steps to a Cleaner Fish Tank

Is your fish tank covered in green algae? This can keep you from seeing your beautiful fish swim around!

Follow these 5 steps for a beautiful, clean fish tank.

  1. Change Your Filter Medium - Your fish tank filter is designed to catch food and particles as it moves through the system. Make sure that you change the filter medium, carbon, and any other pieces of your filter as needed. This will help ensure that the water passing back into your tank is filtered and clean.
  2. Change the Tank Water - As part of your regular cleaning routine, you should do a partial water change. This will help keep your tank clean. Change about 25% of your tank water regularly to keep your tank clean.  You can do this by using a vacuum to siphon the water from the bottom of the tank into a bucket. Remember to treat any new water you add to the tank.
  3. Put Tank Lights on a Schedule - If your tank gets too much light (or too little), it will be more prone to algae growth. Make sure that your tank is getting the appropriate amount of light for your fish and plant species.
  4. Scrap Off the Algae -Use an algae scraper to remove algae from the front and sides of the tank. While some algae is ok, you want to be able to see your beautiful fish!
  5. Add an Algae Eater - Some fish feed off of algae and food particles that have fallen to the bottom of the tank. This is a great, natural way to keep your tank clean and create the perfect ecosystem in your tank.

If you have any questions about how to keep your fish tank clean, visit our Mineola store! We have cleaning supplies, chemicals, and filters that will keep your tank beautiful and clean.

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