How to Prep Your Fish Tank for Your Summer Vacation

Planning a summer getaway? As you check off your packing list and prep your home, don't forget about your fish! Here are a few tips to help you keep your fish happy and healthy while you're away.

Prepping Your Fish Tank for Summer Vacation:

  • Put Your Lighting on a Timer - Set your lights on a timer that mimics the natural daylight. This will ensure that your fish have daylight while you're away and that your tank doesn't see a spike in algae growth.
  • Purchase a Vacation Feeder - There are several different types of vacation feeders that you can leave in your tank. Your fish will get the nutrients they need while you're away as the feeder slowly releases food into the tank.
  • Perform Water Changes Before You Leave - Perform your weekly 25% water change before you leave for vacation. This will leave your fish with a fresh tank until you get back. Don't forget to change the filter, too.
  • Have a Family Member Check In - If you have family in the area, have them check in on your fish throughout the week to make sure that they are fed. Leave a detailed list for your family member of all the steps you want them to take to care for your fish.

If you have any questions about how to care for your fish, or you need to pick up a vacation feeder before you head out, visit our Mineola store. We have all the fish supplies you need to keep your fish healthy while you're away.

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