What Type of Substrate Should You Use In Your Fish Tank?

Looking to set up a new tank in your home?

In addition to deciding on the perfect type of fish for your new community, you'll also need to make a few aesthetic choices. There are a few different types of substrate that you can use to cover the bottom of your tank. Each type will give your aquarium a different look and feel - so which one should you choose?

Types of Substrate:

White Gravel - White gravel serves as a contrast against your colorful tropical fish. A beautiful guppy or platy will stand out against the white background.

Colored Rocks - Looking to add color to your tank? There are many different colors of mult-colored rocks that can meet your individual tank theme.

Sand - Substrate can also come in many different sizes. If you are looking for a finer substrate, consider adding sand to the bottom of your tank. However, be mindful that sand is not a good choice if you are looking at add live plants to your tank or have an undergravel system.

We can help you find the right substrate for your fish tank needs. Visit our Mineola store or give us a call to learn more about what we have in stock.

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