Why Does My Fish Tank Have So Much Algae?

Fish tank algae is more than an aesthetic problem.  In addition to clouding your view, too much green algae is also a sign of an imbalance in your tank.  Here are a few reasons why you might have too much algae in your tank

Algae Culprits:


We love watching our fish rush to the top of the tank to eat. However, if you start to overfeed your fish, uneaten food can drift to the bottom of the tank.  When this food and fish waste from the food consumed biodegrades, you'll find more algae in your tank.

Too Much Light

How often do you leave the light on in your tank?  Your lights should function on a timer that replicates the day/night schedule.  Keep lights on for 10-14 hours of the day for planted aquariums or 6-10 if you have an ornamental fish tank set up.  

Dirty Filters

Your filter plays a big role in the phosphate levels of your tank.  Poly filters can be used to remove phosphate and keep your tank clean.  However, when your poly filter or activated carbon needs to be replaced, you may notice a surge of algae in your tank.

With regular tank cleanings, partial water changes, and fish tank care, you can keep your tank algae-free. Of course, remember that some algae is ok!  In small amounts, algae helps consume excess nutrients and provides oxygen.  If you have any questions about how to combat fish tank algae, you need to replace your filter medium, stock your tank with algae eating fish, or pick up a water quality test kit, visit our Mineola store! We're here to help with all of your tropical fish care needs.

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