Pet Spotlight: Gerbils

Thinking of adding a small furry friend to your family?  Gerbils are an adorable pet -- and they are perfect for families with kids 5 and up (of course, they should still be supervised).  These tips will help you make sure that your new pet gerbil lives a happy and healthy life.

What kind of housing does your gerbil need?

Gerbils are naturally social animals.  You should have two gerbils of the same sex (to prevent breeding) in your house.  These two gerbils can live happily in a 10-gallon tank.  These large glass tanks are perfect for for your new pets.  For each additional gerbil you want to add, you would need another 5 gallons.

Fill your tank with substrate that your gerbils can dig through.  They like to burrow in order to feel active, entertained and safe.  Make sure that any substrate you use is safe for gerbils.

What does your gerbil eat?

A good diet is key to good health.  Your gerbil will need a balanced diet of vegetables, proteins, fats and vitamins.  Fortunately, most gerbil food is designed to meet these nutritional needs.  If you would like to treat your pet, you can supplement their dry food diet with pears, apples, oranges, cucumbers, and carrots.

You should also always make sure that your gerbil has a clean water bottle with plenty of water.  You always want to make sure that your gerbil has access to water!

What will your gerbil play with?

Gerbils love companions to keep them company.  In addition to a friend, you can add a solid wheel, wooden chew toy, and exercise ball to let your gerbil explore the world outside of his tank!

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