What Is My Parrot Trying to Say?

Although not all birds can talk, they do chirp, ruffle their feathers and give other verbal and physical indicators of how they are feeling.  Not sure what your parrot is trying to say?  These tips will help you figure out how your feathered friend is feeling.

Verbal Indictators:

Whistling - If you notice that your bird is singing, talking or whistling -- your pet is happy!  Some birds love to sing, talk or whistle when people are around.

Chattering - Soft chatter can also be a sign of a happy pet.  However, loud chatter could be that your pet is trying to get your attention.

Purring - This could be a sign that your pet is content or annoyed.  Unlike a cat's purr, this purring sounds more like a soft growl.  Take notice of other verbal and psychical cues to try to get a sense of how your bird is feeling.

Tongue-Clicking - When your bird clicks his tongue against his beak, your bird may be entertaining itself.  Alternatively, they might want attention and to be picked up.

Growling - Not all pet birds will growl.  However, this is an aggressive vocalization.  If you notice that your bird is growling, remove anything in the area that might be bothering your feathered friend.

Nonverbal Cues:

Wing Flapping - Wing flapping can be a type of exercise, your bird may be trying to get your attention, or just displaying happiness.  

Ruffled Feathers - Your bird will fluff their feathers while preening.  This process helps them stay clean, removing dirt or feather dust.  If your bird is cold, they may also fluff their feathers.

Tail Bobbing - Tail bobbing is your bird's way of catching his breath!  If your pet is bobbing his fail with heavy breathing without having experienced any exercise, it might be time to call your veterinarian to be sure that your pet doesn't have any respiratory distress.

Foot Tapping - Some bird species (think cockatoos) tap their feet as a sign of dominance.  If your pet is tapping their feet, they may feel that their territory is threatened.

Still having trouble figuring out what your bird is trying to say? Take a look at this article or give our store a call.

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