Choosing the Right Filter for Your Tropical Fish Tank

Ready to add a beautiful new aquarium to your home?  As you start to think about what size tank will fit in your space and what type of fish you want to add to your tank, don't forget that you'll need the right filter to keep your aquarium clean and your fish happy.

Each tank needs three different forms of filtration.  The first, is biological filtration.  This helps ensure that toxins and other dangerous chemicals don't build up in your tank.  Biological filtration should remove high levels of ammonia, the chemical that is produced when fish waste is broken down.  Your tank should also have chemical filtration.  This filtration removes toxic material from your tank. The last, is mechanical filtration, that removes leftover food particles and fish waste.

There are several different types of filters you can add to your tank.  Here are a few of the most common choices:

1. Box Filters - Box filters are an inexpensive options.  They're perfect for small tanks.  This filter sits in the corner of your tank, and has an air stone that pushes air through a tube that powers the water through the filter.

2. Under Gravel Filters - These filters are placed under the gravel in your aquarium.  An air pump then pushes the water through the gravel, pulling leftover food and waste with it.

3. Power Filters - This type of filter is easy to maintain, and can be fitted onto tanks up to 75 gallons!  They sit right on the back of the tank, and have an intake tube that sucks water into the chamber and through the filter.

4. Canister Filters - This is the most powerful type of aquarium filter available.  They're perfect for large tanks because they can filter large amounts of water very quickly.  They can even be placed under the aquarium, where it's out of sight and you can just enjoy the beauty of a clean tank.

There are many different fish tank filter options available to you.  If you have questions about what type of filter will work best for your tank needs, contact our store!  We're happy to answer any questions you have about your tropical fish tank.  

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