Tropical Fish Care For Beginners

Ready to begin caring for your first tropical fish tank?  These tips will help any beginner aquarist get started on caring for their first tank.


Beginner Fish Care Tips:

Setting Up Your Tank

First, you need to set up your tank.  Choose the location of your tank carefully.  Fish tanks can be heavy once all of the water is added.  An aquarium filled with water and gravel weighs about 10-12 pounds per gallon.  Choose a location that will support the weight and is not near a heat source, air conditioner, or in direct sunlight.  

Then, set up the gravel, filter, plants, and let the tank cycle before you add any fish.  

Start with Small Fish

Wait at least 24 hours before adding any fish to your tank.  Once it's time to add fish, you should gradually introduce them over an extended period of time.  You should start with small, hardy fish that will survive your tank cycling.  This will also help you get used to caring for your tank.  An overcrowded tank with large fish is harder to care for and requires more maintenance and cleaning.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

A properly maintenance aquarium filter means cleaner water and healthier fish.  Set up a schedule to regularly clean your tank.  When you clean it, you should perform 25% water changes and vacuum the gravel thoroughly.  This will help keep your water from being cloudy and from growing algae.

If you have any questions about how to to care for your new fish tank or you need the materials to set up your new tank, visit our store!  You can also give us a call to speak with us directly at 516-739-1015 or visit our website to learn more about the exotic birds, tropical fish, and pet supplies we have in stock.  

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