Preventing Algae Growth In Your Tropical Aquarium

In order to prevent algae overgrowth in your tank, you need to first understand why it is happening.  Here are a few of the most common reasons as to why you might be experiencing excess algae growth.


Why Algal Growth Occurs:

  • Overfeeding - How often and how much you feed your fish can contribute to algae growth.  Are they eating all of the food that you are feeding them daily?

  • Too Much Light - Too much light can lead to algae growth in your tank.  Try placing your lights on a timer to replicate day/night schedules and limit the amount of light your tank is exposed to.

  • Due for a Water Change - You should change 10% of your tank water each week.  These partial water changes help remove dead plant matter and waste in your gravel.  If you don't get rid of this organic material, you can find yourself with a lot of algal growth.

What Can You Do?

Algal growth is often due to poor water quality.  Once you figure out the reason behind your algal growth, you can cut back on feedings, increase water changes, and check your water quality frequently to ensure that your nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, and pH levels are all within normal range.  If you are still having problems with algae growth, there are products that you can add to your tank to reduce growth.  You can also consider adding an algae eater like a Cory Cat or Pleco (depending on the size of your tank).

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