Pet Spotlight: Ferrets

Looking to add a lifelong companion to your home?  Ferrets can be a wonderful, high-energy pet!  These ferret care tips will help you decide if a ferret is the right choice for you and your family.

How to Care For Your New Ferret:


Ferrets sleep a lot, but when they are awake, they are highly active.  They shouldn't be confined to a cage at all times.  Your ferret should have supervised time outside of their enclosure.

You ferret cage should have a nest for sleeping, and a litter box.  You can use shredded paper or newspaper based cat liters for your ferret's litter box.

Health Care & Grooming:

Ferrets should be spayed and neutered both for their health and to prevent unwanted additions to your home.  They are naturally clean (although they can be smelly) animals.  Your ferret will need a fresh bowl of water to wash his or her face.  They clean their coat like a cat, but baths should be kept to a minimum.  Your ferret produces oils that are smelly and will produce more oil if these oils are stripped off with excessive bathing.  Give your ferret a bath once a quarter.


Your ferret is an obligate carnivore.  This means that they have a high metabolism and require meat in their diet.  Avoid foods that are high in vegetable matter!  Since ferrets can be picky eaters, test out a few small supplies of different varieties of food until you know which type of food your ferret likes.  Of course, your ferret also needs fresh water!

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