Pet Feature: Chinchillas

Chinchillas have a number of characteristics that make them a great pet.  From their over-sized ears to their relatively low maintenance care, they're a wonderful addition to any family.  We have Chinchillas in stock now!  Learn a little bit more about Chinchillas and how to care for them below.


Diet: Chinchillas are vegetarians with sensitive stomachs.  Provide them with pellet foods that are made especially for your chinchilla.  This will include the right amount of protein,f at and roughage.  You should also include hay as part of a healthy diet to aid in wearing your Chinchilla's ever growing teeth.  As a treat, you can offer your pet nuts, seeds and certain dried fruits.  Just be sure to only provide treats occasionally.

Home: Chinchillas are an active pet.  They like to run, jump and play!  Provide them with a cage large enough for them to play and grow in.  Since they are sensitive to temperature change, make sure that you keep your cage in a place that is away from direct sunlight, heaters, or drafty windows and doors.

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