How to Train Your New Exotic Bird

Thinking of adding a new bird to your home?  With the right training, you can help set the stage for a healthy and happy life.  These tips will help you begin to train your new exotic bird, while developing trust and good behavior.

Training Tips:

  • Know How to Handle Your Bird - Help your pet become accustomed to handling by starting at a young age.  Start by playing with your bird's feet and toes to help become comfortable and eventually tolerate toenail filing.  You can also gently lift their wings so that when you have to groom your bird, they'll feel less stressed.

  • Play with a Towel - Use a towel when playing with your bird.  Start by gently wrapping your bird in the towel so that when you have to wrap your bird in a towel to go to the vet, it's less stressful for your pet.

  • Discipline Biting - It's natural for birds to use their beaks to explore their surroundings.  However, if gentle nibbling turns to biting, tell your bird "no" and leave them alone for a minute or two.  This will discourage the unwanted activity.  

Take a look at this article for more tips on how to train your new pet.  You can also visit our Mineola store for all of your exotic bird care needs!  Whether you are looking to add a new bird to your home, or your bird is due for a grooming, you can visit us or call 516-739-1015 for more information.

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