How to Manage Aggressive Aquarium Fish

When we think of tropical fish tanks, we usually think of peaceful, beautiful fish.  However, even small aquarium fish can be aggressive!  These tips will help you manage aggressive aquarium fish and keep peace in your tank.


How to Deal with Aggressive Fish:

  • Add More Than One - Some fish are territorial when left alone.  However, if you have a school of fish, they find safety in numbers.  It's harder for fish to be aggressive about a territory when there are many fish in a tank.  Just be mindful of the effects overstocking can have on water quality.

  • Consider Sex Ratios - Some species of fish (mollies, for example) can be aggressive towards females.  Avoid this type of aggression by having at least twice as many females.

  • Provide Places to Hide - It's always a good idea to give your fish places to hide.  Whether it be a small rock cave, an overturned clay pot, or some foliage, you want to give your fish a place to hide and feel secure.

  • Consider Size - Consider the size of the fish that you're adding to your tank.  Even a semi-aggressive fish can be tempted to eat a small community fish.

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