How To Keep Your Parrot Entertained

You feathered friend is happy and healthy when you provide him with plenty of attention!  These tips will help you keep your parrot entertained through 2016.


How to Entertain Your Parrot:

  • Make Sure They Have Plenty of Toys - Provide your parrot with plenty of toys and objects to chew on.  A foraging tree is a great way to give you plenty of places to hang new toys for your parrot.

  • Let Them Stretch Their Wings - Let your bird out of the cage from time to time. This will keep them happier and entertained.  Just make sure that the room is free of pet-hazards before you let out your parrot.

  • Teach Them Something New - Spend some one-on-one time with your parrot and teach them something new!  This will help keep your bird entertained and keep their mind stimulated.

  • Make Sure Their Cage is Big Enough - Small cages are no fun for birds.  Make sure your bird has an appropriately sized cage for their size and their needs.  This will give your bird more space to roam, and more places for you to keep their toys!

  • Stay Social - Birds are social creatures.  Make sure you give your birds attention every day.  Take some time to take them out of the cage and help them to fight boredom.  You can even consider giving your bird a feathered friend as a companion!

  • Leave a Radio On - When you're out at a store or at work, your bird will still need to be entertained.  Why not leave a radio or TV on to help keep your bird entertained while you're away.  Just try to avoid the nature channel, as some predator sounds might scare your bird.

If you have any questions about how to keep your parrot entertained in 2016, visit our store!  For Birds Only has everything you need to keep your parrot happy, healthy and entertained.  You can also visit our website or call 516-739-1015 to learn more about what we have in stock.

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