How to Cycle Your Tropical Fish Tank

Are you ready to set up your brand new tank?  Before you begin - it's important that you know how to cycle your tropical fish tank.  Cycling helps establish the healthy bacteria needed for your fish to live happy and healthy lives.  


How to Cycle Your Tank:

  1. Set Up Your New Aquarium - Set up your new tank with gravel, water, plants, rocks, a heater, and a filtration system.  

  2. Introduce a Small Number of Fish - You want to add just a few hardy fish to your tank.  During the cycling process, you need fish that will produce waste, but will survive the initial high level of toxins that will occur before the bacteria that break down the toxins start to grow.  Good cycling fish include guppies, zebra danios, cherry or tiger barbs, banded gouramis and x-ray tetras.  If your'e not sure what type of fish would be good for cycling your tank - just ask us!

  3. Feed The Fish Sparingly - When first cycling your aquarium, it's important to not overfeed your fish.  Feed your new fish once every other day.  You don't want any left over food.  Extra waste can produce levels of toxins that can hurt your cycling fish.

  4. Perform Frequent Water Changes - You should replace 10-25% of the water while your tank is cycling.  This is another way of ensuring that the toxins don't get too high before the healthy bacteria has a chance to grow.

  5. Test Your Water Often - Use test kits to check the levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in your tank.  It should take about 6-8 weeks before your levels are in range.  You want ammonia and nitrite levels to be very low on your tests.  After your levels are normal, you can start adding new fish!

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