How to Bird Proof Your Home

You always want your home to be a safe place for your new pet.  These tips will help you bird-proof your home so that your feathered friend can play safely.


Bird Safety Tips for Your Home:

  • Cover Electrical Outlets - Plastic electrical outlet covers are an important part of bird-proofing your home.  Parrots can be very curious pets.  By covering the outlets, you can reduce the risk of a curious beak by an electrical outlet.

  • Secure the Windows - Birds are one of the biggest source of injury to pet birds.  They are the main culprit of lost pets and can be confusing to birds that risk flying into them.  As an added precaution, keep the curtains closed when letting your bird out of the cage.

  • Hide Cords and Wires - Electrical cords and wires can be dangerous if your pet bites into them.  Keep cords hidden in your home.

  • Take Out the Trash - Garbage cans can contain a number of products that can make your bird sick.  Make sure that you take out the trash before letting your bird loose at home.

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