How Many of These Parrot Fun Facts Do You Know?

When you think of parrots, what first comes to mind?  You might picture their brightly colored feathers or their ability to mimic words, but some of these parrot facts might surprise you!

Parrot Fun Facts:

There are over 360 different species!

While we are most familiar with the Macaw, there are over 360 different species of parrots.  Unfortunately, almost 100 of these species are threatened with extinction.

They have hollow beaks.

Although they may look solid, a parrot's beak is hollow.  Just like the rest of the bones in their body, the outside is covered in keratin, and the inside has fine bone struts to make it strong.

Parrots can learn.

Not only can parrots sometimes mimic words, they cal also associate them with objects or situations.  They can also use tools and solve problems!  Some scientists believe that they have the logic equivalent to a four year old.  

The world's largest parrot cannot fly.

We normally think of birds are animals that are well equiped for flying.  However, the largest of the feathered parrots is so big that it cannot fly.

Some parrots stick with one partner.

Some parrots are committed to their relationships.  Once certain parrots find a mate, they stay together for a lifetime, even outside of breeding seasons.

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