Common Parrot Species

When you picture a parrot, what image comes to mind?  Many people don’t realize that there are actually many different types of parrots (roughly 393 different species)!

Here are a few of the most common parrots that are kept as pets.

Common Parrot Species:

Cockatiels  - The Cockatiel is one of the most popular pet bird species.  This pet is easy to train and is a relatively tame parrot.  They love to socialize and are generally gentle and friendly birds.


Lovebirds - Lovebirds are a social and affectionate small parrot.  They are mostly green in color, typically with a red or black face.  However, their plumage can vary!  

Parakeets - Parakeets are one of the top pet choices for bird enthusiasts.  These small parrots have big personalities.  They are also affectionate, intelligent and easy to train.

Parrotlets - Parrotlets are the smallest of the parrots.  These birds have the personality of a larger parrot, and can become aggressive to other birds.  Just make sure that you handle your pet every day to keep them socialized and tame.

African Greys - This type of parrot is predominantly grey.  They are well known for the ability sometimes mimic human speech!

Since there are many different types of parrots, it’s important that you know how to meet their individual needs and which type of parrot is right for your family.

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