Creating the Perfect Saltwater Fish Tank Cleanup Crew

Photo Source:  Wikimedia

Photo Source: Wikimedia

Tired of cleaning your fish tank?  With the right clean-up crew, you can keep your saltwater tank beautiful and spend less time on tank maintenance.  

What types of species should you include?

Snails  - Snails are a popular tank cleaner.  Some marine snails can eat algae off live rock and other tank surfaces, while others sift through sand for food.  Nerite snails are perfect for cleaning algae off of the tank walls.  Nassarius snails target your tank bed.  They bury themselves in the sand and sift through it for food.

Crabs - Hermit crabs will eat just about anything in your tank.  Keep in mind that if you have snails or injured pets - they have been known to be aggressive.  Emerald Green Crabs are considered a more peaceful tank option.  

Shrimp - Cleaner shrimps do an excellent job of scavenging for leftover food.  They even pick parasites off of fish with ich!  

There is no exact formula to determine what species you should include in your saltwater fish tank.  Consider your tank size, and the fish that you currently have in stock.  

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