Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Our Favorite Green Parrots

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Will you be celebrating with your feathered friends today?  We are getting in the holiday spirit with a few of our favorite green parrots!

Photo Source:  Wikimedia

Photo Source: Wikimedia

There is no parrot that fits the St. Patrick's Day holiday better than the Caique.  This parrot species is general green, white and orange with a black head.  Although there are many variations of the species, they are a popular pet that bonds well with their owners.  They are playful and energetic parrots!

Photo source:  pixabay

Photo source: pixabay

Eclectus parrots have extreme color differences depending on the bird's gender.  Males tend to have bright emerald green feathers (see above), while females are mostly bright red!

Photo Source:  pixabaY

Photo Source: pixabaY

Ringneck parrots also have a difference in plumage, depending on the gender of the bird.  While both genders are a beautiful green, males have a red or black ring around their neck, while females and young birds have no neck rings.

Photo source:  wikimedia

Photo source: wikimedia

This is the smallest the parrots bred in captivity.  The Parrotlet is known for their stocky builds and short tails!

Did we miss your favorite green parrot?  Let us know what parrot species you've adopted into your family!  You can also contact For Birds Only/Pet Lovers USA with any questions you have about how to care for your parrot today, and year-round.  Our Mineola pet store is fully stocked with food, toys, cages, and supplies for your parrot needs.  Call 516-739-1015 or visit our website to learn more about the exotic birds, tropical fish, and pet supplies we have.  

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