Pet Spotlight - Teddy Bear Hamsters

Teddy Bear Hamsters have several qualities that make them the perfect candidate for a pet! Not only are they small, adorable and cuddly, but they are easy to care for and love attention! If you're interested in purchasing a teddy bear hamster, continue reading to learn a little bit more about what to expect.

Diet: In order to keep your teddy bear hamster happy and healthy, you will need to feed them a healthy and balanced diet. On a daily basis, their diet should consist of kibble or pellets that is low in seeds and free of extra sugars and fruits and vegetables. Some of the best fresh fruits and vegetables for your teddy bear hamster are crunchy carrots, spinach, lettuce, celery, apples and grapes. When feeding your hamster, it's important to keep overfeeding in mind. Often times, this can lead to obesity which is common health issue among hamsters.

Home: First and foremost, you will need a proper hamster cage, inverted water bottle, food, food dish, exercise wheel and a hamster house or playpen. Hamsters do spend most of their time in their cage, however, they should have at least a half an hour to an hour out of cage time daily. Cleaning and up keeping their cage is also an important part in keeping them healthy. Droppings should be picked up daily along with water and food changes.

If you're interested in purchasing a teddy bear hamster for your family, stop by our Mineola storefront today. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have!