How Often Should You Clean Your Tropical Fish Tank?

Tropical fish tanks are a beautiful addition to any home, restaurant, or office. Should you be the proud owner of one of these magnificent aquariums, we're sure you're aware of how important it is to keep them clean. This is not only vital for the appearance of the tank, but also important to keep your fish and their environment healthy.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you go to clean your tank! 

To clean the aquarium walls, choose a glass specific cleaning pad or an acrylic one to avoid scratching your tank. If you have an overwhelming amount of algae or buildup, test your water. This could be a result of overfeeding, too many fish, or excessive natural light. Keep in mind, the walls of your aquarium should be cleaned once per week. 

Every month, full water filter maintenance should be completed. The water filter in your system plays an integral role in removing particles and contaminants from the tank. Maintenance includes checking the filter media and rinsing with tank water you have reserved, replacing the carbon, filter cartridge, and pre-rinse filter.

Routine aquarium water changes are important for many reasons and should be done on a weekly basis. This is the best way to keep your fish and their environment healthy and clean. Water changes help to remove toxins, fish waste, uneaten food, contaminants and other unwanted particles from the tank. 

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