Why Does My Parrot Bite?

Birds use their beaks for so many different aspects of their lives.  Your parrot's beak is an essential tool that allows them to eat, play, climb, show affection, and preen.

If your bird reaches out to bite you - take a moment to think about why your pet is trying to bite you.

They're just exploring.  Your bird may reach out with their beak (with no intention of biting) before stepping onto your finger.  This is just your parrots way of testing the stability of your finger as a perch.  Younger birds may nibble on your fingers out of curiosity and to get to know their environment.

They feel threatened or confused.  If your parrot bites you, think about how you approached your pet.  Always present yourself in a calm manner when approaching your bird.  If they're scared, they might reach out and bite you to protect themselves.

If you're having trouble getting your bird to stop biting you and your bird is not trained, take a look at this article.  You can also give your bird positive reinforcement for positive behavior and ignore your pet with a "time out" when they do bite.  Of course, be careful to avoid leaving your pet alone for a long period of time.

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