Why Are My Fish Hiding?

Tropical fish tanks can be truly beautiful.  Whether you’re new to keeping tropical fish or you’ve had fish for many years, it can be frustrating to have fish that hide every time you go over to the tank.  

So why are your tropical fish hiding?

They’re scared.  Although it might seem like a contradiction, giving your fish more places to hide will actually help you see them more!  When fish have more places to hide, they feel more comfortable and secure with swimming around in your tank.

They’re being bullied.  Aggression levels vary greatly between fish species.  If you have an aggressive fish in your tank, your more passive fish may be hiding.  In other cases, new fish may feel the need to defend a territory.  If you find this is the case, just rearrange the decor in your aquarium and always look for fish that are compatible.

Ready to add a few new hiding places to your tank?  Rocks, ceramic pots, and aquarium plants are a great way to give your fish a place to feel safe and secure.  Visit our Mineola store to see what types of tropical fish tank accessories we have in stock!

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