How Big Does Your Fish Tank Need to Be?

Whether you're new to fish keeping or you're looking to add a few new fish to your tank, you'll need to consider tank size.  This important requirement will help ensure that your aquarium is set up correctly.  

How many fish can you fit inside of your tropical fish tank?  

We recommend staying away from fish bowls and tanks under 5 gallons.  These small tanks are not ideal for tropical fish because it's hard to keep the water parameters stable. 

The bigger the tank, the better!  Of course, we know that not everyone can afford or fit a large tank inside of their home.  

As a general rule of thumb, you should have one gallon of water per inch of fish.  

However, be sure to check the requirements for your individual species.  Check the maximum size that your fish will grow to.  Some fish will seem small in the store - but that's because they are young!  You don't want your fish to outgrow your tank.

You should also check to see whether or not your fish are schooling fish.  If you need several fish to keep your fish happy, you'll need a bigger tank to accommodate for the additional fish.

Lastly, check to see if your fish are aggressive or community fish.  Depending on your fish's behavior, they may be better suited for a different tank size.  Check to make sure your fish are compatible with your current fish and your tank size.

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