Tips for a Bird-Friendly New Year's Eve

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It’s almost time to ring in the new year! Will you be throwing a party with friends and family to celebrate? As you get ready to party, don’t forget about your feathered friends! Here are a few tips to help you celebrate a bird-friendly New Year’s Eve.


Bird Friendly New Year’s Eve Tips:

  • Give Them Healthy Snacks - You pet bird can indulge in New Year’s Eve treats, too! Give your parrot a few healthy fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on. Broccoli, green beans, apples, mango, lettuce, and bananas are a few of the special treats you can share with your pets.

  • Keep Your Pet In the Cage - If you’re having friends and family over, keep your pet safe and sound in his or her cage. You don’t want your pet to find it’s way out -- especially if people are heading in and out of the house throughout the night.

  • Be Considerate of Noise - Loud noises can frighten your bird. Keep your pet in a separate room from the rest of the party and consider putting a blanket over the cage to help your pet relax.

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