Pet Spotlight - Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots love to be the center of attention! Not sure if this species is the right choice for your home and family? Here are a few FAQs to consider before adding a new beautiful Amazon parrot to your family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I feed my Amazon parrot?

In the wild, Amazons feed on a variety of seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts. In order to provide your pet with the nutrients he or she needs, you should feed them a formulated diet of pellets. You should also supplement 25% of their diet with dark leafy greens, vegetables and fruits. Only 5% of your parrot’s diet should consist of treats.

What kind of cage does my Amazon parrot need?

The larger the cage, the better! Your cage needs to be big enough for your pet to fully extend his or her wings without touching the cage walls. Include variable perches of different widths, heights and textures to help your parrot maintain healthy toenails.

What kind of personality do Amazon parrots have?

Amazons have a loud personality. They are better communicators than other birds in the parrot kingdom. They may be “noisy” to express their want of attention -- or they may make sounds to express delight while playing with their favorite toy.

Pet owners should keep an eye out for pinning eyes, raised feathers, fanned tails and a broad stance. Pay close attention to body language and tune into your pet’s mood. He or she may be telling you that it doesn’t wish to be handled!

What kind of toys should I give my Amazon parrot?

Parrots need plenty of exercise in order to stay healthy. Allow your parrots 3 to 4 hours outside of the cage per day - just make sure that it’s in a safe, bird-proof area! This will give your bird the time to stretch its  muscles and burn some extra calories. You should also include toys and swings spread out, as well as a play gym or tree, climbing rope and ladders. Any way you can encourage movement and exercise!

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