Signs It's Time to Change Your Fish Tank Water

When was the last time you changed the water in your tropical fish tank? Regular tank changes are essential to keeping your fish tank beautiful and healthy! Here are a few times when you’ll need to do a water change.

When to Change Your Tank Water:

  • A Week Has Passed - You should replace 10-20% of your aquarium’s water once a week. Set a schedule for yourself! This will ensure that your fish are swimming in water that is ammonia-free.

  • You Notice A Spike In Your Tests - If your tank water is showing high ammonia, nitrite or nitrate levels, you’ll need to change the water more frequently. High quantities can be dangerous to your fish.

  • Your Fish Are Sick - If one or more of your fish is sick, it’s important to change the water so that your fish stay healthy. If you can, put your fish in a hospital tank while you medicate so that you aren’t medicating your healthy fish.

  • You’re Setting Up a New Tank - When first setting up your tank, you’ll notice that it “cycles.” It’s important to perform water changes while your tank is cycling so that you keep ammonia and nitrite levels in check.

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