How to Manage Aquarium Bullies

Certain species of fish are more aggressive than others. For tropical fish keepers with community tanks, this can be frustrating! Fortunately, there are things that you can do to tame freshwater fish bullies.

The first step in stopping fish bullying is understanding why it happens in the first place. Fish bullying can occur due to food, mates, territory, etc. Certain fish species are more prone to this behavior than others.  Here are a few of the most popular aggressive freshwater fish.

Popular Freshwater Bullies:

  • Red-Tailed Shark
  • Cichlid

  • Blue Gourami

  • Tiger Barb

When fish become aggressive, you’ll see that the tropical fish in your tank may start to hide more often, develop split fins, or have other obvious wounds.

So what should a tropical fish hobbyist do to prevent fighting?

  • Keep Your Tank Clean - The key to harmony in a community tank is making sure that the aquarium is clean and healthy. Always check your water quality to make sure it fits your fish’s needs.

  • Provide Plenty of Places to Hide - Your fish should have a place to escape from other aggressive fish. Add a few decorations to your aquarium to help reduce the aggression of freshwater fish bullies.

  • Make Sure Your Tank is Large Enough - You want your aquarium to be big enough to accommodate your fish without having them become territorial. Do some research beforehand to make sure that your current tank is big enough to support your new fish.

  • Don’t Add Too Many Males - Male livebearers will chase females around in the water to mate. If there are multiple male fish chasing after a single female fish, she may become overwhelmed and tired of being followed by her fellow fish.

  • Move Decor Around - If your fish start to become territorial, move some of the aquarium decor around. This is a good way to switch up the environment and keep your fish from claiming an area of the tank.

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