Where Should You Set Up Your Aquarium?

Ready to set up your first tropical aquarium? Before you head down to our store to pick up your new tank, gravel, filter and fish, you first need to decide on the best place to put your fish tank in your home. Here are a few factors you’ll want to consider before deciding on the final location for your aquarium.

  • Windows - Don’t place your aquarium nearby too many windows! Direct exposure to sunlight can lead to algal blooms in your tank. The sunlight can also overheat your water in your tank. You want to find a location where you can regular the light and temperature of your tank.

  • Doors - A highly trafficked area can be stressful for your fish. The shaking of the door and foot traffic can shake the tank and cause unnecessary stress.

  • Air Conditioners/Heating Systems - Like with sunlight, your air conditioning and heating systems can affect the temperature of your tank. Don’t put your tank directly under a blowing air vent.

  • Electric - You will need electric to run your fish tank hood light, filter and heater. Make sure that you pick a location where you can plug in your tank.

  • Access to Water - You will need to perform frequent water changes to your fish tank. Choose a location that has easy access to water so that you’re not trekking up and down stairs or across your home to change dirty tank water.

If you have any questions about how to care for your fish tank or you’re looking to stock up on aquarium supplies, come visit our Mineola store! At For Birds Only/Pet Lovers USA, we have all of the tropical aquarium supplies you need to keep your fish tank healthy and beautiful.

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